Sexual assault/harassment is a shameful thing. Let me repeat that. Sexual assault and harassment is a shameful thing.

Not for the man, woman, or child mind you, but for the assailant. For the one who decided they had the right to take choice from a fully aware adult, to take innocence from a child it is a shameful thing. Why else would they so easily attempt to put the blame on their very victim if not for the deep knowledge that this is their, the assailant’s, decision? Why place the blame for unwanted sexual comments on a person’s clothing?

Over the last week, my social media has been completely overtaken with MeToo. The most frequent one that came up was this:22459489_10100234574593176_7880757718387166044_o

It’s a wonderful sentiment, but let me go ahead and say #MeToo is NOT just women. It is women, and men, and boys, and girls. It’s straight, it’s gay, it’s trans. #MeToo transcends politics, religions, ages, and ethnicities. #MeToo because together if we can all acknowledge there is a problem, maybe we can come together to help one another in strength, in weakness, and in love.




Recently, I ran into a situation that I can say threw me for a loop. The community we live in has had an ongoing water issue, and to keep everyone updated there has been a community page created specifically for this issue. The other day we all get a notification that there’s been a new post. My heart drops slightly. I’m thinking Oh Great. What’s going on now?

So, I click on the notification and the post I see says “***** Church supports addicts!” This woman who made the post is extremely upset by the fact that a local church has brought money or food to her neighbor. I didn’t ask specifics because frankly, I was more upset by her thought process.

The church supports addicts.

Why did this upset her so much? Several of us were asking her to take this post down and after several long minutes of explaining why this was inappropriate, the post was finally taken down. By the moderator.

The church supports addicts.

What does this statement even mean that would so greatly upset her? Had she reached out to the church and been denied? Had she asked for help? She didn’t say and again, I didn’t ask.

I didn’t ask for a very specific reason. I didn’t ask because I don’t see anything wrong with supporting addicts. Now, let me explain what I mean. When I think about support I think about bills being paid and food on the table. I think about an offered trip to the grocery store. I think about sitting down with the person and inviting them to church. I think about praying for them. I think about praying with them. I think about offering them a ride to church.

According to google support as a verb means to bear all or part of the weight, to hold up. To give assistance, to enable to function or act.

The church supports addicts. And drunks. And adulterers. And profaners.

THE CHURCH SUPPORTS SINNERS!!! Why? Because we all fall short.

We’re All Just Human Here

I apologize that my posts are so scattered and far apart, but I find myself censoring a lot of the thoughts that go through my head and trying to filter through what would be a good topic and what wouldn’t. Today I overheard a conversation that I thought would be a good place to start this particular topic. I won’t go into the whole conversation, but the topic itself was concerning clothing vouchers.  This person was going on about how much of an inconvenience it was to have to go shopping and deal with the people who have them, and how wrong it was that the clothes weren’t taxed for people who received that assistance.

This ties in to several posts that I have made on Facebook in the past about the way that society treats anyone who receives assistance from the government. So, I have a few points to make on this entire subject.

First, my primary question has always been – why is it your business if someone is receiving assistance? Do you know their life story? Do you know if they are sick or disabled? To this I’ve often heard comments along the lines of, “Just look at them. You can tell there’s nothing wrong with them!” Oh, really? So you can tell the person who is manic depressive, who has tried to take their lives multiple times, is just hunky dory by watching them walk into Wal-Mart?

Not every diseases manifests in a physical way, and not all health problems are 24/7. My brother has a health condition called Myastenia Gravis, and this thing attacks his body on a different degree every day. You might see him one day and he’s fine, and see him the next day and he can barely walk.

So, let’s assume that you’re right. There is no health condition stopping this person from working, but they still receive government assistance. “They should get off their butt and work a job. I’m tired of supporting them!”

I have a friend who works more than full time hours, his wife works full time hours, and they have three children. To afford a home, cars, food, etc they still have to lean on government assistance.

What about the single mother with three children who receives food stamps, clothing vouchers, and Medicaid? She’s working two jobs, feels like she only gets to see her babies for bed time, and wonders if she’s failing her children even more by working these hours just to be able to afford a roof over their heads.

Are these things considered when we, as a society, make this rash judgment that everyone who is receiving assistance is just a drain on society.

What bothers me even more is it often seems that these sentiments are ones that are expressed by fellow Christians. You know, those of us who are taught Love thy neighbor. This is not meant to literally mean the person who lives beside you. It’s supposed to be for us to love everyone.

Something else I often hear, and I won’t deny this is problem as I see it everyday in my little community, is why should the tax payers support the druggies and pillheads?

This might be a little harder for some of you to swallow, and I’m going to come at this from a Christian perspective as that’s the way I think about it. Instead of just complaining about the junkies and gossiping about them, have you tried to help them?

Have you offered them food or drink? Have you offered to be their ride to a rehab facility? Have you offered to even do something as simple as pray with them?

I know I’ve gotten slightly off topic here, and I do apologize for that, but to me these things wrap together and are all part of the same huge topic, this problem we have with judging each other based on what are very superficial levels. When are we going to stop seeing each other by what we have, what we need, what level we fall into economically, and just see each other as human beings?