Love Day

Yesterday was Valentine’s. A day that everyone celebrates by giving their loved ones some token of affection whether it be simple words or a physical reminder. Today, I have a question for you, for all of us really.

Are you showing your love on other days? Not just to your spouse, children, parents, siblings, etc but to everyone. Are you showing your love to the world?

If you see your neighbor stranded on the side of the road, do you stop and check on them? Or do you drive by without another thought?

As a Christian, a believer, a lover, a follower of Christ, the biggest belief that I have is love. I’m a firm believer that love can conquer anything, but in order to do that we actually have to show our love. We can’t keep it hidden away. It must be a light, a glow, a beacon in the blackest of black nights.



A big part of this is changing the way we think first. Stop thinking that everyone you see asking for money is trying to scam you. Not everyone is out to ‘screw’ you. Stop thinking that that person using the scooter at WalMart is just lazy because you can’t see anything wrong with them. Not everyone has a disability you can see right away. Stop thinking that the skinny person in their car must be pilled out of their head. Maybe they’re homeless, maybe they have a fast metabolism. Maybe they are high and need someone to pray for them, to reach out to them, to love them.

It’s the day after the day that the world celebrates love. And I’m asking everyone to please remember that. Remember the love. We’re all just human here trying to get by.



It’s a New Year…

So, I thought I’d take a minute and talk about my plans for 2017, try to get a little more positivity and planning in my blog. everyday

First, I want y’all to know that I plan to blog more often. 2016 was rough, and the depression kept me questioning whether or not I should post most of the things on my mind. Actually, I’m planning to do more writing in general. I miss writing. I’ve always loved it, even more than reading as I get to do with the characters as I want to.

Next, I plan to be more active physically. I say this every year and it fails, but I’m hopeful that I have a friend who will ride bikes with me this year and help keep me on track. If I could find someone who will walk with me around town that will be extremely helpful as well, although even I’m not gonna do it in the middle of winter. Way too accident prone for that idea.

(Although, as soon as we have enough snow I fully plan to ambush my cousins in a snowball fight.)

Third, I want to work on my relationships this year. With God, with family, with friends, with anyone that I love. This last year I’ve been distant with pretty much everyone, and a big part of that has been the depression and anxiety.

I would say fourth, but I think this ties in with my relationships too much – try to find a way to get the depression and anxiety under control. I’m tired of it keeping me from doing things that I want to do and things the hubby wants to do. We had so many things planned in 2016, and when it came down to it either I couldn’t do it because of my issues or hubby was also having to back out of arrangements because I needed him.

Last I think is trying to be more thankful. I’m always worried that those around me aren’t aware of just how much I appreciate and love them, especially my “inner circle”, but if it wasn’t for these people that God has put in my life I can’t help but to think that my world would shatter sometimes. So to all of you – thank you.

Let’s try to make 2017 a better year,  a happier year.

(PS – There will be a lot more looming as well!!!! I have plans y’all. )


To the Ugly People…

Stop it. Stop writing that you’re ugly. Stop sharing all these memes that you’re ugly. I know we all have our moments when we think this, (God knows that I do) but it’s not true.

So, let me address some thoughts about this, as I’m seeing more and more people on my Facebook going into this. This is for everyone, male or female.


1.) Let me repeat what I said earlier – Stop saying it. You are not ugly. The more we hear something over and over the more likely we are to believe it, so by writing this over and over, you’re only contributing to your own lack of self-worth.

2.) “I’m too fat for anybody to love.” Stop looking for someone to love you and learn to love yourself, first. Let others see how amazing you are when you stop saying how horrible you are.

3.) If you’re not happy with your weight – do something about it. Believe me, just trying can put a whole new shift on your perspective. I have PCOS and my weight loss struggle has been just that – a struggle. What I lose I gain back plus a little more. But knowing that you’re trying to improve yourself brings about its own change.

4.) Go outside. Go for a walk. If you have kids, take them to the park. Watch them play and remember that you are blessed.

5.) Stop putting stock in the world’s definition of beautiful. We are all uniquely made and we are all beautiful.

I want you to write a list. I’ll include mine at the bottom. I want you to write a list of all the things you like about yourself. And yes, that list has to include physical features as well. Now, once you write this list, I want you to go to the people you love and ask to give you one physical attribute and one character attribute that they love about you. If you have kids – ask them what they like about you. That definitely goes on the list. It might not sound easy, but try to include at least ten things on your list that are YOUR reason for loving you. I want you to take your list and put it somewhere you can keep it. Tape it to your mirror. Put it in your billfold. Make it your background for your phone or computer, but look at it often and actually think about why you love these things, and if you love these things, why are you so busy focusing on what you hate?


Reasons why I LOVE Myself.

1.) God made me strong.

2.) I am goofy, silly.

3.) I have hair that defies both logic and gravity.

4.) My eyes are absolutely beautiful.

5.) My viking calves could carry me to wherever I need to go.

6.) I’m a survivor.

7.) My pudginess makes me the favorite person to snuggle.

8.) I’m creative.

9.) I love my honest nature.

10.) I love my fingers that let me play flute, write, and tickle my friends’ babies.

Now, I want to see this list on people’s Facebooks, Twitters, Blogs, etc. C’mon. Isn’t it time stopped bashing ourselves for what we are not, and loving ourselves for what we are?


To my husband this Father’s day

Dear Husband,

It’s that time of year again. Last month we congratulated all the women for being mothers and grandmothers and consoled women who have yet to conceive that “it’ll happen when you’re ready.”

This month the same will happen for all the fathers and grandfathers, but will anything be said to the men of the women so desperately trying to conceive? I’ve never heard it. Not once.

So let me say it now.

I’m sorry we’re not there yet.

I’m sorry that this is another year that we will go through without holding our own precious bundle in our arms.

I know the desire in your heart for a child is just as great as mine.

I know when we miscarried it hurt you just as much.

I know you refuse to get your hopes up every time I take a test.

I’m sorry we’re not there yet.

But let me say this.

I know that when that time comes, when we are finally blessed, you will be the very best father.

I see it when you play with our friends’ children. When they run up to you and use you as a giant jungle gym and you just go along with it, grinning and laughing. I see it when you get in the floor with them or on the ground and you’ve never once cared about getting dirty.

I see the desire in your heart and I know it aches just as badly for the one thing we’re missing.

But it will happen, I hope, I pray everyday.

Until then, I already know you’re the #1 Father, because I see it everyday.