How did you meet your husband?

I get asked this question so often it’s hilarious. Anyone who meets us knows instantly my husband is not from around here. He doesn’t have the accent, that rolling, twangy drawl that everyone else does. Although, if you get him in the right mood, he can certainly do a good impression of that thick McDowell county lingo, and a better Jack Sparrow cannot be found.

So, what’s the truth, huh? How did this handsome, sweet, rock of my life get from NY to WV?1914669_128972619646_6204378_n We met online. We weren’t on a dating site or anything like that. We are both writers (though we barely seem to have time for it now), and we ended up writing together. I quickly found that not only did I enjoy writing stories with him, but our side commentary revealed that I generally liked the man behind the character as well.

Neither of us was looking for anything from each other. In fact, he had a someone he was talking to when we first became friends, and life was too hectic with Mom’s dialysis for me to even consider a boyfriend.

I confessed things to this man that I couldn’t tell the people I saw in my daily life. Fast forward a couple years to 2008. He’s now single, but I’m still taking care of my Mom. Mom has a stroke

Mom has a stroke in late 2008. It leaves her paralyzed on her right side. I’ll never forget going out to the car from the ER. I felt so lost in that moment. Dad was with Mom, and all my other siblings had someone to lean on. I just needed someone to talk to for a minute, just enough to calm down. I honestly cannot remember if I called him or texted him and then he called me back, but I remember the relief I felt when I heard his voice.

He started calling and texting every day to check on how we were doing. He would call when he knew we were visiting Mom and sing to her. He was there every second I needed him and our friendship grew into something that was so much more. We fell into saying I love you without any thought of it. It was just natural.

He came to WV to visit us in June 2009 with a duffel bag and nothing else, because it was just supposed to be a visit. He stayed. He chose to stay with me, with us, and in December 2009 we were married.

And that’s the story of how a NYer came to claim WV for his home.



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