In Honor of Veteran’s Day

I’m not posting anything about politics. We’ll go back to that later. I just want to take a swift moment to say thank you to any vets that may come across this page. My Dad was a Marine in the Korean War. I wish he was here today for me to say Happy Veteran’s Day to in person, but he passed so instead I’m going to share some lyrics that he liked.

The name read Andrew McGee
Loving son, husband, and daddy
That’s what it read written in her head
But there’s so much that could not be said
How he smiled they day they said I do
Smiled like it was just the two
Of them together standing side by side
As the preacher said I pronounce you man and wife

How when baby John was born that night
He sat and cried as he held him tight
And when Kaitlyn made her way into the world
He swore that he’d protect his baby girl
Scenes and flashes they’d never know
If they saw his name would they stop or go?
Did they understand all that he had done
He gave his life to protect their little ones

She cried the day that he signed those forms
Yelled and screamed as she gave him what for
But he just wiped the tear drops from her eyes
He said I have to help protect our way of life
The day he left she was so proud
Standin there waving with the crowd
If only she could hold him one more time
Tell him she’d love him all her life

The man came late into the night
I’m sorry ma’am, but they couldn’t save his life
There was a little boy just eight years old
He got shot in the middle of the road
Your husband was the first to reach his side
He gave his life to keep that child alive
I’m sorry ma’am, so sorry for your loss
He wanted you to have his Bible and his cross

The name read Andrew McGee
Loving son, husband, and daddy
And he was proud to be
Yes he was proud to be… a US Marine


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