I’m Not Winning Any Popularity Contests

This post may very well hurt any chance I have of more people eventually following me, but I’m going to go there and say it. I’ve seen a lot of anti-Trump, anti-Hillary, pro-Trump, pro-Hillary things in the last few days. I keep my mouth shut about them. However, what I have just seen blows all of them out of the water, and I’m going to say that every single person generating this type of hate, you are a miserable, despicable human being.

I came across this page that is so filled with hate, I want to assume that it’s people making up stories and tall tells because they are upset that Hillary didn’t win. I want to assume that, but the actuality of it is that I cannot. You want to know why so many people are hating Trump supporters right now? It’s because of this behavior. But you know what the other flip side of this is? Y’ALL ARE LETTING IT HAPPEN. Be a decent human being. Be the person that if you see one of these racists people doing something, tell them no, call the cops. Don’t just stand there and tweet about it. I am so sick of both sides of this coin right now, I don’t even want to call myself American, because if this is the way America acts – I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.  I want yall to take the time and click on this link and actually go through all these posts.

Literally so sick and upset right now I can’t even make this post sound the way it does in my head.



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