I voted…

Well, it’s a new day. Not really since my last post was after midnight last night, but we’re still gonna count it anyways. Hubby and I just got back from voting, and I’m gonna be honest with you. This is the first time since I came of age to vote that I have’t felt good about voting. I was happily a Bernie girl, and once Hillary was nominated I was sort of like, wait what?

I do not like Clinton. I do not like Trump. Having went and voted and researched the heck out of the both of them, I still didn’t like either option. I don’t think Clinton should have been able to run at all, even from the beginning, while she was being investigated. I don’t like a lot of the decisions that she’s made, and I don’t like a lot of what she stands for.

As a Christian I am against abortion except for certain extreme circumstances. As a West Virginian, I’m more than aware that she’s going to put our struggling coal jobs out of business, and what do we have left to replace it? There’s so much more I could say about her.

As for Trump… I know a lot of people tried to say he was the Christian nominee. He’s a bully. Let’s be honest. The man is an opinionated bully. I never really heard him say more than ‘we’re gonna build a wall’. I don’t like him. I don’t like his attitude, and do I believe him when he says “We’re gonna bring back coal jobs?” Not for one little second.

And yet, I voted today. I’m not gonna say who I voted for. But I voted for every single office that was listed on my ballot, and I voted for those who I thought, in the end, will possibly, maybe, help pull us up from the gutters.

Because one thing that Trump said that was true… America is not great. My husband and I cannot afford insurance, yet we make too much for the government insurance, and yet again we get no tax break because his job offers it, even though we cannot afford it. I’m currently sick and I know from past experience that in order to knock this out I’m gonna need a nebulizer treatment, antibiotics, and a shot in the hip to keep it from hitting my lungs and knocking me out for weeks. I can’t get any of that right now.

I know kids who are always hungry, I mean always, because there isn’t enough food in their homes. We live in a nation where driving down the road you can point out which houses are doing drugs, which ones are dealing, whose got a surplus and who’s barely surviving and these houses are side by side sometimes. This nation is not great. This nation is struggling to survive much less survive on a day to day basis.

I know kids in need of foster homes and people who love them and are willing to provide that home, but legally aren’t able to because of a CRACK in a window. I know people who are living in houses with no walls, but have nowhere else to go.

I voted today for people who I hope and pray can look down from where they sit at the top of this pyramid to see those below them, those struggling, and help fix these problems, help eradicate these problems and so many more that I don’t have any experience with so I can’t speak out on them personally.

Go.. Vote.. Because something has to change.


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