Free Clinic – There’s Always One…

(Or that one in which sometimes doctors are still biased jerkfaces)

So this is my only real complaint that I had for the whole experience, and trust me, it was an experience. I was there from around 10 am til 6 pm, and this is truly, truly, truly, truly the only blight on the whole thing.

I have a condition called PCOS. It causes all sorts of loveliness. Infertility, high blood pressure, diabetes, an increased risk of cancer, makes it extremely difficult to lose weight… It’s just all types of fun. Part of controlling it is a medicine called metformin which I definitely cannot afford.

So, I go to the clinic. My experience as stated in th

e previous post with the primary care doctor was phenomenal. But, because I have PCOS, he wanted to send me over to the women’s health corner. Okay.

It takes about two hours to get seen by this doctor. I’m telling him about the PCOS, about my eating habits, etc. By the way, that was not an easy task. The amount of people had set my stutter off, and this doctor kept wanting to finish my statements. Don’t do that!

He’s asking about my eating habits. I tell him I don’t eat often. I eat once or twice a day, if I remember. I don’t get hungry. I don’t realize I’m hungry until I’ve reached the point of a headache or feeling nauseous and its been that way for me for probably years.

First, was the look of increduluous-ness. And then… “You don’t eat?”

Well, yeah. That’s what I just said, isn’t it? Trust me, my husband has started sending me messages while he’s at work to remind me to eat. I just don’t get hungry.

This guy, I just couldn’t get him to believe me, and that really bothers me.

I can to a certain extent understand. I’m right around the 300-310 mark. (I had went back up to 330, but I’ve dropped those pounds again, yay!) But, what good would it do for me to lie about my eating habits? I’m perfectly aware that not eating is just as unhealthy as over eating, so what purpose would it serve?

Then, he goes on to tell me that in order to lose weight I need to eat breakfast and lunch and nothing else. Hold up. Wait. What?

That is completely different than anything I’ve been told and what I know from personal experience. I know that when I actually LOSE weight is when I eat several small meals throughout the day and drop the pop. I know this from experience, blogs, nutritionists, and a myriad of my cysters reporting the same thing.

So… I’m not quite sure what to think of this doctors advice for my weight loss. He didn’t even seem to believe me when I told him I’ve recent dropped twenty pounds. Oh, well.

I’ll keep doing what I’m doing, but at least he gave me my metformin. That controls my insulin levels with the PCOS and trying to lose without it is truly an impossible journey.



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