To the Ugly People…

Stop it. Stop writing that you’re ugly. Stop sharing all these memes that you’re ugly. I know we all have our moments when we think this, (God knows that I do) but it’s not true.

So, let me address some thoughts about this, as I’m seeing more and more people on my Facebook going into this. This is for everyone, male or female.


1.) Let me repeat what I said earlier – Stop saying it. You are not ugly. The more we hear something over and over the more likely we are to believe it, so by writing this over and over, you’re only contributing to your own lack of self-worth.

2.) “I’m too fat for anybody to love.” Stop looking for someone to love you and learn to love yourself, first. Let others see how amazing you are when you stop saying how horrible you are.

3.) If you’re not happy with your weight – do something about it. Believe me, just trying can put a whole new shift on your perspective. I have PCOS and my weight loss struggle has been just that – a struggle. What I lose I gain back plus a little more. But knowing that you’re trying to improve yourself brings about its own change.

4.) Go outside. Go for a walk. If you have kids, take them to the park. Watch them play and remember that you are blessed.

5.) Stop putting stock in the world’s definition of beautiful. We are all uniquely made and we are all beautiful.

I want you to write a list. I’ll include mine at the bottom. I want you to write a list of all the things you like about yourself. And yes, that list has to include physical features as well. Now, once you write this list, I want you to go to the people you love and ask to give you one physical attribute and one character attribute that they love about you. If you have kids – ask them what they like about you. That definitely goes on the list. It might not sound easy, but try to include at least ten things on your list that are YOUR reason for loving you. I want you to take your list and put it somewhere you can keep it. Tape it to your mirror. Put it in your billfold. Make it your background for your phone or computer, but look at it often and actually think about why you love these things, and if you love these things, why are you so busy focusing on what you hate?


Reasons why I LOVE Myself.

1.) God made me strong.

2.) I am goofy, silly.

3.) I have hair that defies both logic and gravity.

4.) My eyes are absolutely beautiful.

5.) My viking calves could carry me to wherever I need to go.

6.) I’m a survivor.

7.) My pudginess makes me the favorite person to snuggle.

8.) I’m creative.

9.) I love my honest nature.

10.) I love my fingers that let me play flute, write, and tickle my friends’ babies.

Now, I want to see this list on people’s Facebooks, Twitters, Blogs, etc. C’mon. Isn’t it time stopped bashing ourselves for what we are not, and loving ourselves for what we are?



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