Dear Politicians and Government Officials

I want you to know that I live in a little town in West Virginia, so small there are less than 100 houses. We’re so small we don’t have police, we don’t have a post office, we don’t even have a gas station. I love my little town and those around me, but I have to be honest with you.

We’re dying.

All the good people, the hard workers, the laborers, the teachers, EMTs, doctors – they’re moving away because we are dying a slow and painful death, and if something doesn’t happen soon it will be our last breath.

I want you to know I don’t blame a single person for the economic decline our state is currently in. I blame several. I blame the people in charge who have admittedly went after coal companies to shut them down,  WITHOUT providing anything to give the workers as an income! I blame a lack of common sense which should dictate if you take away a state’s primary source of income and replace it with nothing, there will be no income at all. No coal mines means no ones making money, no money means no ones buying. No cars, no homes, no furniture… Food is about the only thing that’s bought and more and more people I know are going to hunting and gardening because they CAN’T AFFORD GROCERIES.

I know other states are suffering similarly, but I don’t live there so I can’t speak on first hand experience.

I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve heard the welfare system is becoming overtaxed. Food stamps, medicaid, etc… We are a proud people. We don’t like to take government handouts. We like being on our own two feet, but more and more that is becoming impossible. There is no income here for us to buy food, or buy health insurance, so we go to these government agencies for assistance, but then we are told we are part of the problem.

We’re told everyday in social media that we are lazy, that we’re pilled out, that we’re good for nothing.

We are a GOOD people. We are a STRONG people. But we are a DROWNING people. We’re at that point where we’re just barely above water, and if something doesn’t happen soon we’re going under.

Please – when you make your political decisions and environmental regulations – please remember it has far reaching ramifications, and us little folk? Only our nose is above water.


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