It’s morning? Again?

Well, I’ve had this blog for two months now and had all these ideas for things to write about, until I actually sat down to write them. All those pretty little ideas just seemed to flutter away… until I walk away from the computer.

Tonight, or this morning rather, I’m alone at home and I’ve apparently lost my ability to sleep. I’ve tried shutting everything in the house off. I’ve tried finding a boring documentary. I’ve tried music in the background. It just doesn’t work for me.

So, I’m wondering what crazy things have people tried to cure their insomnia? Is there some wacky off the wall old wives tell no one’s told me? Can I stand on my head and hop three times and instantly fall asleep? Because believe me – I’d try it.

It’s gotta be better than listening to my dog snore, picturing a giant teddy bear wrapped around me, and watching videos of how women tell their husband’s they’re pregnant because the absolute looks of panic on some of the guys faces is absolutely hysterical.

So, I guess that’s it for now. But hey, I actually made a post.

Oh btw, it’s 6 am.


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